SR9 Trio - EPK Bach au marimba

    Video explaining the project Bach on the marimba

    B. Montambault - Stop Making Sense

    Piece for a marimba player and a dancer, played with N. Cousin

    Trio SR9 - CORPORELS Teaser

    All audience show with music theater and mouvement pieces

    Trio SR9 - MACHINE(s) Teaser

    Show written and directed by P. Jodlowski and B. Montambault

    Cie Kahlua - "Black Box" Teaser 2014

    Young audience show. With M. Benigno & N. Cousin

    SR9 Trio - Sonata 2 Jean Sebastien BACH

    Arrangement of the 2nd Sonata for Organ BWV 526

    SR9 Trio - Fuga 3 Jean Sebastien BACH

    3rd Fuga of the Well Tempered Clavier BWV 848

    Kahlua - "Ceci n'est pas une balle" solo

    Performed during Eindhoven 2012 Tromp Percussion Competition

    "Purple ritual" - Alin Gherman

    Played during the 64th International Geneva Competition in 2009

    Kahlua - "Ceci n’est pas une balle" trio

    Body Percussion and mime piece, composed and played by the Compagnie Kahlua

    SR9 Trio - "Les Uns" Philippe Leroux

    "Les Uns" by Philippe Leroux, new version re-adapted by the composer himself.

    She who sleeps with a Small Blanket

    Multipercussion composed by Kevin Volans, played during Tromp International Percussion Competition in Eindhoven in 2012