• Alors, on danse ?
    SR9 Trio's new album is released !!! Meet us in Paris for a special release party on april 2nd, at the Européen (17e).
  • Amsterdam Marimba Weekend
    Alexandre will teach at the next AMS on march 8th-11th !! He will be playing also with his SR9 Trio there. Register online at www.amsterdam marimbaweekend.nl
  • SR9 at the PASIC 2017 !!
    The SR9 Trio will be at the Percussive Art Society International Convention 2017 in Indianapolis (USA) to present a DayTime Showcase Concert, at the Sagamore Ballroom on november 10th !
  • IPEA Festival & Competition !
    Alexandre will perform twice at the IPEA Festival hosted by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and will be part of the jury of the IPEA competition 2017 in october.
  • Zygel Académie
    The SR9 Trio was on FRANCE 2 TV Program "Zygel Academie" this summer ! Thanks to that, "Bach au marimba" went back to the 1st place of the iTunes classical downloads for a few days !!!
  • Festival Musiq'3 !
    Alexandre will perform in Bruxelles, Flagey for the Musiq'3 festival : on june 30th in duo with Vassilena Serafimova for the opening concert, and on july 2nd with S. Laub, M. Hallinck, V. Serafimova, B. Vodenitcharov et C. Willems. Follow on Live on RTBF and Arte Live Web !!!
  • SR9 in British-American tour !
    The SR9 Trio will be on tour in London between may 22nd and 24th, then in Boston and New York until june 3rd !
  • "Pléiades" on tour !
    Les Percussions de Strasbourg are back on tour with "Pléiades" from Xenakis, with a choreography from Alban Richard !! First dates in the Théâtre de Caen on march 3rd & 4th.
  • Victoire de la Musique !!!
    Les Percussions de Strasbourg received the award of the best recording of the year at the last ceremony of "Les Victoires de la Musique Classique" for "Burning Bright", composed by Hugues Dufourt !!!
  • SR9 Trio across the ocean !!!
    The SR9 Trio will be on tour in Boston & New York this month, with Masterclasses at the Boston Conservatory, NYU, Juilliard PC, and concerts at the Old South Church, St Peter's Church and So Percussion's studio Brooklyn Bound !
  • Percussions de Strasbourg
    Alexandre will play with the world renowned ensemble Les Percussions de Strasbourg on july 29th on the occasion of the International Percussion Festival In Séoul, South Korea !!!
  • Ensemble Intercontemporain
    Alexandre will play with the Ensemble Intercontemporain in Paris Philharmonie 2 on may 27th, for the world premiere of David Hudry "The Forgotten City".
  • SR9 Trio on tour in Germany !
    The SR9 Trio will be on tour in Germany, in Berlin (may 11th) and Stuttgart (mays 12th) ! Find all their concert dates in the page Concerts.
  • SR9 Trio on Live Radio
    Listen to the SR9 Trio playing excerpts of their program Bach au marimba and other transcriptions, on Live Radio France Musique saturday 8th of january at 13:00 !
  • Black Box in Saint Etienne
    The Cie Kahlua will present their show "Black Box" twice on november 28th, at the Palais des Spectacles of Saint Etienne !!
  • Show Case "Bach au marimba"
    SR9 Trio will give two show cases in Lyon (Goethe Institute) and Paris (Studio Raspail) on October 26th and 30th to promote their new album !
  • Bach au marimba on CD !
    SR9 Trio's first CD "Bach au marimba" is now available ! You can order it via Amazon or upload it via iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Qobuzz, Napster or Spotify.
  • "Ceci n'est pas une balle"
    The score of "Ceci n'est pas une balle" from the Kahlua Company is now available in a booklet containing both solo and trio version ! You can order it directly from the editor's website Alfonce Production.

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Alors, on danse ? (SR9 Trio)
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