« Esperet, Star of the Show »

Alexandre Esperet finished his performance in the finals of the TROMP Competition yesterday with a piece called Ceci n’est pas une balle. His act was a combination of vaudeville, mime, and percussion, using his body as an instrument. Considering the crowd’s enthusiasm, it is no wonder they chose to give him the Audience Award. He was also elected by the jury and press jury as a winner. Not only did he impress with his perfectly performed, rhythmical playing with an imaginary ball, but also made a statement with She who sleeps with a small blanket, a piece by Kevin Volans for bongo drums, congas and a bass drum. The diversity of sounds he was able to create was phenomenal. At times, one was even transported to Africa, hearing the drums from a distance. The obligatory piece, Double Standard by Nico Muhly for two percussionists and a small ensemble, was also flawlessly played by Esperet. In this work, it is essential that the two percussionists merge their parts together and play as one. They had to do so sharing a marimba and using a variety of special instruments including pan lids and other kitchen appliances while also connecting with the musicians of the Britten Sinfonia.

Eindhoven Dagblad 12 nov 12
By René van Peer